Requirements for Troubleshooting

For troubleshooting, we need to reproduce the issue. It is very hard to perform “remote diagnosis” with limited information, as many errors are specific to your data and your operations. Please make sure all the information below are provided in your post:

  1. Which tool and which module
    • incomplete: only tool name provided
  2. Provide a copy of your data, or indicate which example data you used
    • incomplete: no or only partial input provided
  3. Document all steps leading to the issue. Sometimes screenshots may be necessary
    • incomplete: only vague description provided
  4. If it is about using R packages, please provide the environment information, such as sessionInfo()
    • incomplete: only R code scripts provided

If your questions are not answered, it is probably because we don’t know how to reproduce the issue (or we don’t have time to guess all different scenarios).