Which database is used for creating the gene-metabolite-disease network?

MetaboAnalyst uses a comprehensive gene-metabolite-disease interaction data based on MetPriCNet. The data contains interaction data mainly extracted from published literature.

The database currently contains 11,502 genes, 1,900 metabolites, 132 diseases making a total of 139570, 519, and 78200 interactions for gene-metabolite, metabolite-disease and metabolite-metabolite networks respectively in human.

The gene-chemical and chemical-chemical associations for the gene-metabolite and metabolite-metabolite networks, respectively, were extracted from STITCH, such that only highly confident interactions are used.

Most of associations in STITCH are based on co-mentions highlighted in PubMed abstracts including reactions from similar chemical structures and similar molecular activities. The associations for the metabolite-disease network were obtained from HMDB.

Disease association have been added to HMDB via the Human Metabolome Project’s literature curation team. The Metabolite-Gene-Disease network is an integration of gene-metabolite, metabolite-disease and gene-disease interaction networks.