Unknown error in the pathway enrichment analysis

Recently I found that I cannot analyze my metabolomics data successfully any more (“There is something wrong with the pathway enrichment analysis: Possible causes of error (last one being the most relevant):Unknown Error Occurred”, as shown in the picture), neither can all my lab members. And I noticed that I couldn’t see my group name (there were blank) in the previous step (“edit group” of “data check”). Although when I posted the compound lists or your example data, it could run well.

my data.csv (1.6 KB)

I would be greatly appreciated if you could provide any suggestions about how to fix it.

It’s very difficult for me to figure out what’s going on with the information that you’ve provided. Did you follow the post guidelines?

Specifically, you have not indicated what module you used, or any of the parameters that you selected on each page. This makes it almost impossible for us to reproduce!

it’s the module of pathway analysis.

This issue is that you’ve selected the wrong parameter for ‘Group Label’. Your group labels are categorical (Control, LOW), not continuous.

It works when you select the appropriate data upload parameter.

It’s solved. Thanks!

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