I am trying to run the Tax4Fun2 option. I put the sequences under #NAME in the first column of the OTU file as told, tick “sequences included” as told, add a taxonomi file with the sequences under #TAXONOMY (=names now in the OTU file) and the kingdom, phylum etc appearing as in the example given. However the upload comes back with an error each time - mostly * Error Failed to parse your taxonomy file. Please check the file format!. I can see that recently a problem with upload of taxonomy files was fixed - should it be working now? if yes, what could be the problem? all files are uploaded as csv files.

after correcting the typo of TAXONOMY the files now upload, but when pressing proceed I get a new error:
Possible causes of error (last one being the most relevant):
Duplicate taxon names are not allowed: ASV_1820; ASV_277; ASV_312; ASV_228; ASV_3276; ASV_526
I have checked and there are no duplicates anywhere in the taxonomy column. so is this a bug?

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For troubleshooting, I reduced the samples and OTUs to create test files. The OTU test file includes 3 of the 6 sequences that with the full file got the statement that “Duplicate taxon names are not allowed”. The test files now upload ok (including these 3 sequences that didn`t before… ), but when I get to Tax4Fun2, it says now that " * Error Sequence information is needed for function prediction using tax4fun2". The OTU test file includes sequences exactly as your example. I attach the test files for the troubleshooting.
The line of work was:

  1. MDP module
  2. upload OTU file with sequences, tick “sequenced included”, upload meta data file, upload taxonomy file
  3. proceed through all the filtration and normalization screens.
  4. choose in analysis Tax4Fun2 and press “predict functional potential”
  5. an error :Sequence information is needed for function prediction using tax4fun2" appears.
    meta_data for analyst.csv (682 Bytes)
    test OTU Table for Tax4fun2.csv (146.1 KB)
    test taxonomy file2 for tax4fun2.csv (164.8 KB)
    I would be grateful if you can advise where the problem is. thanks

Hello, we have fix the bug. You can try again now.