Sparse PLS-DA not working

The sparse PLS-DA is not working a few days. You need luck to get blots, one day it is ok the other one I can not continue my work. It also has some struggles to filter the new groups which I pick, it always takes over the groups that were selected at the beginning and the file must always be uploaded again

We were doing server migration, and the old version was used accidentally. The issue should be gone. If not, please follow our post guideline and we will look into the problem

I have problems with the sparse SPLS-Da evaluation. If I upload my file with with 9 groups and then want to compare 3 groups (group 1, 4, 7), I get an evaluation at the s-PLS. But when I then select the others, they (Group 10,13,16 and group 19,22,25 eg.) always look the same, although this is not the case with PCA. So because of that I tried to re-upload the file for each group comparison, thinking maybe it doesn’t delete the old values and it always shows the same picture, but then I don’t get any spls at groups 10,13,16 and 19,22,25. Only at groups 1,4,7 it works. But it’s only at the spls, PCA and heatmap work quite normal at all groups.
if you need my file with the results, i would be grateful for an email address as i can’t publish it here
myproblem.pdf (141.0 KB)

I’ve been trying all week and need these evaluations urgently for my project, as I can’t continue it at the moment because of this spls problem.