Query mass in mummichog outputs not matching m.z inputs

hi there,

I’ve been using mummichog on metaboanalyst and have been inputting my m.z (ranked by p value) and my single column input (for positive or negative modes separately), which seems to be working. But why, when I go through to compounds hits, does the output called ‘query mass’ not match those original m.z values I put it in?? It’s these m.z which are being queried and ID from so they should be the same…


Please follow our post guidelines - I can see they are same based on my tests using our example data

Apologies I hadn’t seen those guidelines,
here is my input file of m.z ranked by p value.
negative mode mz ranked by p for mummichog.csv (25.8 KB)
I am using data filtering as recommended and log transformation and pareto scaling. and mapping it to Felis Catus.
and then my output file is here
mummichog_matched_compound_all (7).csv (54.2 KB)
As you can see the m/z from the input file and the Query.Mass do not match… Shouldn’t they?!

Many thanks

I don’t see any issue in your data. The result “…matched_compound_all.csv” contains all matched compounds, you can search any “Query.Mass” from this table to see its match in your input. But not the other way (as many peaks in your input will not have match).

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