QEA: Problem connecting to API server

Hello! I have been trying to get the code to work for my data set (i remodelled it after the example data set on cachexia), however, the CalculateGlobalTestScore() function does not seem to work for me.
I get the following error message:

[1] “Loaded files from MetaboAnalyst web-server.”
[1] “Failed to connect to the API Server!”
[1] “Error! Joint Pathway Analysis via api.metaboanalyst.ca unsuccessful!”
Error in mSetObj$analSet : $ operator is invalid for atomic vectors

could anyone help me out here? much appreciated!

Thanks in advance and greetings from Vienna,
Luise Bellach

Are there other metaboAnalyst R users who report difficulties with the API connection? I’d appreciate the feedback very much.

Hello Luise,

I am facing the same issue and did not find a solution to solve it.

Gaël Fortin

Dear MetaboAnalystR team - i have looked into the CalculateGlobalTestScore() function to see where the issue might lie. Within this function, the function MetaboAnalystR:::.prepare.globaltest.score tries to get the file “util_api.Rc” via MetaboAnalystR:::.load.scripts.on.demand("util_api.Rc") . However, the file whithin your package is named “util_api.R”, is it possible that the issues we face come from this typo or is developer “.Rc” format necessary?
Thank you in advance.

I am dearly looking forward to your answer as my analyses may be concluded with this QEA.
Best, Luise Bellach

Apologize for our late response - our priority is given to the MetaboAnalyst web site due to limited resource.

The .Rc is the compiled file of the same R script which is used by the web server. You can directly load “util_api.R” into the environment to see if the issue is resolved.