Issue with MetaboAnalystR::CalculateGlobalTestScore

Dear MetaboAnalystR team - i am still having trouble with the CalculateGlobalTestScorefunction, as i posted 3 months ago ( QEA: Problem connecting to API server - MetaboAnalyst - OmicsForum)

Thus far, i have looked into the CalculateGlobalTestScore() function to see where the issue might lie. Within this function, the function MetaboAnalystR:::.prepare.globaltest.score tries to get the file “util_api.Rc” via MetaboAnalystR:::.load.scripts.on.demand("util_api.Rc") . However, the file whithin your package is named “util_api.R”, is it possible that the issues we face come from this typo or is developer “.Rc” format necessary?
Thank you in advance.

I am dearly looking forward to your answer as my analyses may be concluded with this QEA.
Best, Luise Bellach