Pathway Analysis - MetaboAnalyst 6.0

I’ve encountered an issue during my pathway analysis using MetaboAnalyst 6.0. Unlike the previous version (5.0), which successfully matched the lipids in my list to the database, the latest update seems to be struggling, as it doesn’t recognize 95% of them. It’s worth noting that the compound names are generated using the ‘Compound ID Conversion’ and they worked before. Could you please look into this matter? It appears there might be a glitch that needs attention.

Hi! We noticed that many names have changed after the library update in accordance to the latest HMDB. If you would provide an example, i.e. a few lipids and the pathway library you are searching for, we can look into the issue.
In the meantime, a workaround might be to input their IDs instead of compound names.

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Hi! I am having issues with pathway analysis in MetaboAnalyst 6.0. I keep getting an error message in the pathway viewer “Failed to process the request! Try to clear Browser History and perform analysis again”
I have cleared my history, and restarted my computer but the error keeps popping up.
Could you please assist?

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