OPLSDA not working in Metaboanalyst

Hi! The function of OPLSDA is not working.All the other functions are working (PCA, PLSDA, ttest, volcano etc) except OPLSDA. I tried multiple dataset. This is the error I got:

Could you please fix the problem? Thank you!

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  1. Which tool and which module
    Statistics > Chemometrics Analysis > OrthoPLSDA
  2. Provide a copy of your data (actual data that leads to the error, not a screenshot image of the data), or indicate which example data you used
    Example Data used: MS peak intensities “LC-MS peak intensity table for 12 mice spinal cord samples (Saghatelian et al.). Group 1- wild-type; group 2 - knock-out.”
  3. Document all steps leading to the issue.
    a) Missing Values Imputation, not performed as there weren’t missing values; b) Data Filtering, not performed c) Normalization: by median; Transformation: Log10; Scaling: Autoscaling d) OPLSDA

OK, the OPLS-DA issue should be fixed!