No KEGG ID found for Enrichment analysis

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I have a set of 13 metabolites. I want to do pathway or enrichment analysis. For 10/13 metabolites I found their HMDB ID, and for 3/13 their PubChem ID (since they do not have HMDB ID). However, when performing enrichment or pathway analysis, half of the metabolites are not matched against the library set (which is either KEGG or SMPDB). It seem like they are not found there. Those metabolites are:

CE(17:1) → 131769811 (PubChem ID)
Cer(d16:1/24:1) → HMDB0011694
FA(8:0)-2OH → 5312790 (PubChem ID)
5alpha-Pregnan-3beta,20alpha-diol disulfate → HMDB0094650
PC(O-16:0/16:0) → 145911 (PubChem ID)
PC(P-16:0/16:1) → HMDB0011206

Because they are not found, they are not taken into account in the enrichemnt/pathway analysis. How can I solve this problem? :thinking:

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PD. Also, what’s the difference between pathway and enrichment analysis?

Take a look at this post and this post

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I read those posts. Correct me if I did not understood well. Since we have the ID in HMDB or PubChem for our 13 compounds, but 6 of them were not found in library sets from MetaboAnalyst, we can not obtain their pathways?

And about the difference between pathways and enrichment, there is no answer in the second post :sweat_smile:

  1. This is opposite: Since there is no pathways defined for those compounds when we compile the library sets, they are not in the analysis

  2. Double check the updated link. Or you can search the forum - this is a common question

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