Metabonalyst - data size

I’m wondering if metaboanalyst have some restrictions on te data size of the matrix. I imported a file with 12 groups (each with 3 replicates) and 370 features, and it does not recognize all the samples columns. I cut the matrix, and with around 250 features, it provides me the same error. How can I do this? It is possible to use all the dataset?

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Here you have the file that had problems in the upload of the matrix to Metaboanalyst, please let me know that you can see it:
samples.csv (92.9 KB)



After submitting this file, it provides this error:

Hope that you can help me solving this problem.
Thank you, in advance!

Please check your file format, it should be either txt or csv.

I submmited the file in the cvs format as I posted in the previous post.

After several tries, I could notice that this error only appears when I have 250 variables or more. Until there, this does not happen.
Either way, I changed the labels from numbers to letters, and for my surprise I could advance in the analysis:

So I still think that is a bug, but I could manage it :wink: