MetaboAnalyst failed to create pdf report using online platform

The pdf report feature of MetaboAnalyst online worked a few weeks ago when I was preparing my class lectures, but now it won’t generate (and I’d like students to submit the summary of data processing as part of their homework assignment for my metabolomics class). I tried multiple web browsers and no luck.

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I have also been experiencing this multiple times in the last month. I have only ever successfully generated the PDF report once. I see in the R command history that the function is entered, and I can still download the .zip data file, but nothing happens when I click the “Generate Report” button.

Mam/ Sir
I’m also facing the same issue. I’m unable to generate the report in pdf. Please resolve this issue at the earliest.

Thank you for your patience! I hope the PDF generation issue is resolved. Note the new 3D scatter plots generated by PCA, PLS-DA, etc are not included in the PDF report. You can obtain the images from the web pages.


I’ve just tried generating a PDF report of my volcano plot and it is failed. Is this still an on-going issue?


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