MetaboAnalyst 6.0 Volcano plot error in downloading

Hi there,

I’m trying to download the volcano plot image and it gives me the following error.

Payara Server 5.2022.3 #badassfish


I have used 0.05 for raw p-value as threshold and I cannot download the image alone.
But when I download the zip file (with all data) it gives me a volcano plot, but the p value threshold seems like default (raw p =0.1)

Could you please help with this issue?

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Hello, Satya.

I observed that error when there was no significant features. I do not know if it is the same case.

Hi @hanszamora , Yes, the error occurred initially when there were no significant features. But, now I cannot download individual custom-changed figures even though there are significant features. When I used version 5.0 I was able to download them.

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