Issues with uploading data to Statistical Meta-analysis


I am having trouble uploading my data to the Statistical Meta-Analysis tool.
The data I am using: the list of features exported from MZmine 3.7.0, using the “Statistics export (MetaboAnalyst)” function.
The problem itself is similar to the one described here Analysis error in MetaboAnalyst - Statistical Meta-analysis part , so the process gets stuck on the Analysis step; however, no error message is occurring, but I also can not proceed with the next steps either.

The integrity check is passed (screenshot attached).

I checked if that is a problem of dataset size, or special characters like /, or the fact that for some samples, the numerical value for the feature is just absent (instead of being 0) and none of it has solved the problem.
I attach a screenshot of my data example as well:

Do you know what the problem could be and why I can not proceed with further analysis? Or do any of you have experience working with exported MZmine data?
Thank you for your time!