Analysis error in MetaboAnalyst - Statistical Meta-analysis part

I have a question regarding the upload file in the Statistical meta-analysis part in Metaboanalyst. When I uploaded my metabolomic data, everything ran well until the analysis part, where it could not show the pie chart indicating the number of significant and non-significant features. I worked well with the table of lower than 2000 metabolites, but it did not run with the table of more than 2000 features. I want to ask if is there any threshold or limit number of features in the table.
Thanks in advance

This is likely to be the case, as more than 2000 metabolites identified in biological samples is quite rare. Can you provide more details about the data?

Thanks for answering. I tried to find and figured out the problem was not coming from the number of metabolites, but likely to have 1 metabolite that somehow can not be processed. After I delete that metabolite, everything ran well.