How I can see the boxplots of significant features in the t-test?

Hi! I am doing the statistical analysis for my thesis data at Metabanalyst. However, when I do the univariate analysis and try to see the box plots of each significant feature, I can’t. It’s impossible, and I don’t understand why… everything appears white!

Thank you so much for your time. and Thank you in advance for your help.

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Hello Jeff,
Thank you for your reply, I’m sorry for not following the requirements correctly.

The Tool I use is MetaboAnalyst and the module is statistical analysis (metadata table). When I insert my bucket table (attached) I normalize the data and when I do the t-test univariate analysis, what I send in the following images appears.
Bucket_table_csv (n=25).csv (76.7 KB)

Image 3

I see there are empty spaces after every feature names - they cannot be recognized properly by computer. It is also not a good practice to use numbers as feature names