Heatmap does not show a chromatic scale correspondent to data

As I upload my file and get to the Heatmap section (data type: peak area; data filtering: none; normalization: autoscaling), I notice there is no minimum value visible anywhere (dark blue as standard). Also, since I have a lot of absolute zeros in my file, that would mean (correct me if I am wrong) that my Heatmap would be painted in blue tones rather than gray tones:

If I use the original data without autoscaling, the software assumes those absolute zeros:

Could I be doing or understanding something wrong?
Hopefully, you can help me. Thank you in advance for your help!

I understand your question is that you cannot visually view the pixel representing the minimum value, right? This is because the minimal value is quite rare and highly possible burried by other pixels.

There is a “Details View” function, you can use this feature to generate a zoom-in view and to locate those rare, outlier values

Thank you so much for helping!

At first I thought about that too, but even in detailed view I could not spot dark blues. So, I downloaded the .csv document with the normalized data and I could only find 5 values under -1 (and the chromatic scale goes beyond -5):

Could you try and explain to me why this happens?

Once more, thank you so much for your help!

Hi Rmcn,
Thanks for reporting your discovery. Please follow this post (Requirements for Troubleshooting) for further troubleshooting.