Functional Analysis [LC-MS] .txt File Formatting Issue

I keep receiving an error when trying to upload a .txt file to the Functional Analysis [LC-MS] module. I’m trying to upload a .txt file with four columns: m/z, P-Value, Log2FC, and RT (min) under the ‘A peak list profile’ tab with the following settings: Positive Mode, 5.0ppm Mass Tolerance, and Retention Time: Yes - min. I assume that I need to select the P values for the ‘Ranked by (1 column only)’ and to check the 'Enforce Primary Ions (V2 Only) but I could be wrong.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

C’est quoi le problème avec metaboanalyst??
Cela fait presque un mois que j’arrive pas a faire correctement les PCP, PLSDA, sPLSDQA…
Ca télécharge le fichier SCV, mais l’analyse n’est pas bonne.

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I might be wrong, but I don’t think it likes the “Log2FC” header. I’ve played around with the functional analysis as well, and even when I use Log2FC values I rename the header as t.score. If you look at the example datasets + the little extra information under ‘?’ it always says t.score.
also, P-value should be written as p.value, m/z should be m.z as a header.
Try that, hope it helps.

Check this out too: What are the inputs for Functional Analysis module?