Error in editing groups

I am trying to use Statistical Analysis one factor. My csv file is uploaded correctly but then, editing groups is not possible (image).

Based on previous discussion in this forum, I think the problem could be in the csv file? I can not attach it since its bigger than 4MB.

Thank you in advance.


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Module-> Estatistical Analysis (one factor)

Data Type-> peak intensities

Format, samples in rows

Data file: csv (link)

I found no way of editing groups (screenshot).

Thank you

I again attach the link if not still available for you. It should work

Have you solved your problem? I encountered the same issue.

Have you read our data format instructions? See below for the screenshot of your data (note the two rows Mass and RT)

I don’t think the format is supported. Note, you may be able to upload your data successfully, it does not mean the format is correct. The only way is make sure it is correct is that you understand and follow those instructions. Otherwise, the results could be misleading

Thank you. But this same file was supported some months ago. Moreover, I have tried to upload the file attached in the website to explore and the result is exactly the same.

lcms_table.csv (48.4 KB)

Again, even you could upload data, it does not mean it was done correctly. You must spend time reading our tutorials to understand what is expected by the tool

For the example data,