Error in batch effect correction tool

I have encountered an input file format problem when using the batch effect correction tool. Hope you could kindly help me.
I have reformatted my input file according to the example of Dataset 3 provided in the platform, but got an error message: Your data is not eligible for this method! your data or format is not valid! Please double check!
I have no idea why the file format is incorrect. Attached is my input file for your reference. It would be great if you could give me some clues/suggestions about how to correct the file format.

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hi, I have been facing same problem, and havnt found any solution


I am facing the same issues. Non-normalised dataset, straight out of LCMS. Tried through various methods citing from the example data (sample in columns), and through another dataset I created years ago (samples in rows) which worked.
The error comes out to be (failed to perform the procedure). The old dataset I created in 2018 still works. The new one, not at all. Can send the data for assessment. Thanks for the help.

Any help on the previous question please. Thanks.

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