Downloads for QEA data csv


When downloading the zip for QEA, I get following files:

data _normalized.csv

Data_processed.csv and data_original.csv seem identical in their content (same values in each cell). What is data_processed.csv supposed to contain?

Also, it seems that the original concentration table gets transposed regardless of what its original form is (i.e. whether the samples are in rows or in columns). Is there a reason for this?

These are internal files generated during data processing for tracking and reproducible analysis. They can be identical or different depending on which options you have chosen - although the file names could be misleading in some cases

Hello again,

Dealing with normalized data downloaded: does it include the option of covariates if previously selected?

Thanks for your kind support and valuable comments

If you are referring to the “Linear model with covariate adjustment”, the covariates are included in the multiple linear regression model used to calculate the p-values and effect sizes for each metabolite with respect to the metadata of interest. They are not used to directly modify the data.

Thank you for providing support.

Is it supossed I can use the output file of normalized data.csv for future analysis to avoid the normalization step? However, the re-used normalized data.csv (obviously not normalized in a second step) leads to a different normalization profile, so I interpret there is something new being introduced that I do not control.
Should I upload my original, raw data at each step, and do not reuse data provided back from Metaboanalyst?
Thans again

The input for MetaboAnalyst is clear: concentration or peak intensity tables, which does not included normalized data matrices.

It is possible to to reuse the normalized data directly from within MetaboAnalyst - on the Download page, choose Start New Journey