Any Changes for Cluster Methods of MetaboAnalyst 6.0 A-single factor analysis? (compare to 5.0)

Hello! This is the user for data analysis of LC-MS quantitative data.
I used MetaboAnalyst 5.0 in 2021 and cannot repeat the heatmap using the similar data and options of website.
Is there any update for Cluster method of MetaboAnalyst 6.0? the big difference were showed in the cluster of rows in heatmap.

Just want to confirm if any update for enrichment analysis database or calculating method.
the top enriched metabolites I did in 2021 is so different from what i find now.

is there any way to use MetaboAnalyst 5.0?

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In every new release, we try our best to make sure that it is backward compatible. Keep in mind that we also have many publications and protocols that are based on the previous versions. That being said, it is possible that the new version might introduce some changes that requires users’ attention to navigate to get the same results. We cannot comment on your case, unless you provide specific information.