3D PCA drag function not working

The drag function for 3D PCA which allows for rotation of the PCA plots doesn’t seem to work. The zoom/scroll function works well.

Please follow our post guideline so that we can look into it.

Which tool and which module
MetaboAnalyst 5.0; Statistical Analysis [one factor] and Statistical Analysis [metadata table]

Provide a copy of your data, or indicate which example data you used
test data [one factor]
LC-MS peak intensity table for 12 mice spinal cord samples (Saghatelian et al.). Group 1- wild-type; group 2 - knock-out for;
test data [metadata table]
LC-MS peak intensity data from plasma samples of 175 individuals to study trichloroethylene (TCE) exposure. Nine metadata - 6 categorical and 3 numeric. Please refer to Walker D. et al for more details.

Document all steps leading to the issue. Sometimes screenshots may be necessary
MetaboAnalyst → Statistical Analysis [one factor] → MS peak intensities → Data Integrity Check; Proceed → Data Filtering → IQR; Submit → Proceed → Normalization Overview; None → Normalize → Proceed → Chemometrics analysis → PCA → Synchronised 3D Plots


If left cursor is dragged, the picture does not rotate. Instead, it zooms.

We cannot reproduce the issue. Given this function is used widely, I suspect it is related to your mouse setup. I would suggest you to try touchpad or a different mouse to see if it is gone.