"wrong args for environment subassignment"


Pretty new to MetaboAnalyst. I uploaded a set of spectra (2 modalities, 3 replicates each; plus blanks) and launched an analysis. The analysis starts, then quickly fails, returning the error message “wrong args for environment subassignment”. Looked on the website but did not find details about why it failed. Tried several times, changing data sets and parameters for the analysis, without success. I managed a few weeks ago, however, to get output from the system; I see no obvious changes made to the way the analysis is being launched.

Anyone experienced such an issue previously and has a clue on how to deal with it? Link to the analysis is copied below.



See MetaboAnalyst


I have encountered the same problem. Every time, errors occur in 50%. If you solve them, would you please tell me?

Same problem here. Error message appears in 50%.

Hello everyone, this issue is related to the recent update of BiocParallel package. It has been fixed. Please try it again.