Which adducts are used by the Functional Analysis module by default?

For the negative ion mode (ESI-), the adducts used are: M-H[-], M-2H[2-], M(C13)-H[-], M(S34)-H[-], M(Cl37)-H[-], M+Na-2H[-], M+K-2H[-], M-H2O-H[-], M+Cl[-], M+Cl37[-], M+Br[-], M+Br81[-], M+ACN-H[-], M+HCOO[-], M+CH3COO[-], and M-H+O[-].

For the positive ion mode (ESI+), the adducts used are: M[1+], M+H[1+], M+2H[2+], M+3H[3+], M(C13)+H[1+], M(C13)+2H[2+], M(C13)+3H[3+], M(S34)+H[1+], M(Cl37)+H[1+], M+Na[1+], M+H+Na[2+], M+K[1+], M+H2O+H[1+], M-H2O+H[1+], M-H4O2+H[1+], M-NH3+H[1+], M-CO+H[1+], M-CO2+H[1+], M-HCOOH+H[1+], M+HCOONa[1+], M-HCOONa+H[1+], M+NaCl[1+], M-C3H4O2+H[1+], M+HCOOK[1+], and M-HCOOK+H[1+].

Note, you can use Advanced Options (see the Fig. below) to refine this list