What types of ANOVA are performed for multi-factor ANOVA?

For multi-factor/covariates data upload, two-way ANOVA is performed. For time-series only data upload, one-way repeated ANOVA is performed. For time-series + one experimental factor data upload, it depends on whether the experimental factor is defined within (each subject has multiple experimental factor labels) or between subjects (each subject has only one experimental factor label). For within subjects, two-way repeated ANOVA is performed. For between subjects, mixed ANOVA is performed.

All ANOVA tests conducted with the RStatix R package, which automatically determines whether Type I, II, or III errors are appropriate. Due to computational limitations, only top 200 features (based on variance) will be tested. For analysis of all features or for unbalanced designs, we suggest to use our Linear Models with Covariate Adjustment approach.