What does this"Possible causes of error (last one being the most relevant):"mean?

when we submit our file this error appeared,our files are as follow:


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The message literally means that our system has no idea about the errors (they will be shown below if any). Please follow our post guideline and provide your input data files

I am Librada Atencio from Panama.

I got a similar message when uploading my data to Microbiome Analyst. I was trying to use the Marker Data profiling tool. After uploading, I could not click proceed in the section: Data Inspection (see picture below).
Processing: Error_MicrobiomeAnalyst.png…

Here I provide the data set used for the uploading. Any help will be appreciated
asv_table16S.csv (428.2 KB)
tax_table.csv (219.9 KB)


Can you make a new post? It is actually a different issue, just the same generic error message, which we get when we haven’t encountered that error before.

It’s easier for us to track if each separate issue has its own post.

Hello Jess,

Thanks for your reply.

I create a new post. Here is the link: