What are the libraries to select from for functional analysis?

The Functional Analysis module provides genome-scale metabolic models from the original mummichog python package, pathway libraries for 21 different organisms based on KEGG and BioCyc, as well as other general metabolite set libraries

  • The genome-scale metabolic model of Danio rerio was manually curated using the KEGG zebrafish model, as well as the human BiGG and Edinburgh Models, and is designated with a [MFN] at the end of its name (Li et al. 2010).

  • The human genome-scale metabolic model was also manually curated and originates from a number of sources (KEGG, BiGG, and Edinburgh Model) and has [MTF] at the end of its name.

  • The remaining four genome-scale metabolic models were directly derived from BioCyc, denoted with [BioCyc]. The KEGG pathway libraries are designated with [KEGG]

  • We also offer 10 metabolite set libraries based on chemical structures, association with diseases, SNPs, locations, etc

For other organisms not in current options, please select the library closest to your organism.