Using area under the curve data for MetaboAnalyst?


I want to upload LC-MSMS data that my lab has received to MetaboAnalyst, but the data we received from the lab we sent our samples to for analysis was given to us in the form of area under the curve. Is there a way within MetaboAnalyst to convert that data to concentration? The end goal is to use the pathway analysis.

Thank you!


Note MetaboAnalyst 5.0 currently does not support LC-MSMS, only LC-MS. LC-MSMS is mainly for compound annotation purpose.

Based on your description, the data seems to be peak intensities values (based on peak area or peak height) from LC-MS. If so, it is untargeted metabolomics data. You can perform pathway analysis directly from these values. Please read our MetaboAnalyst 5.0 publications.