Upload biom file

After upgrading to version 2.0, the file that could have been uploaded before cannot be uploaded. An error occurs during the process of uploading the biom file, metadata, and tree data. I wonder if it’s a temporary phenomenon

Since the biom file cannot be uploaded here, I will upload only the metadata file first
metadata_bac_breeding_diversity.csv (2.0 KB)

Having the same trouble as the one described above. I try to upload the taxonomy file, shared file and metadata, and, after the update, I cannot upload it and get redirected to the troubleshooting page. Are the servers off because of a shut down?


Also seeing this problem and a few more after the update.

  1. Older input files are not working.
  2. In the new statistical meta analysis I’m also seeing this issue. Can’t run analysis with the exception of the examples provided.
  3. Core microbiome analysis is also having some issues, since files that earlier were working fine and providing results are now pointing that no core microbiome could be detected.

Hope this helps!


Hello Everyone,

Thanks for posing the issue. Would you please follow our post guideline providing an example dataset for detail trouble shooting? Then we can fix this as soon as possible.

Thanks for responding. Here is my trouble as per the “post guideline.”
1.-Which tool and which module:
Maker Data Profiling, in the “data upload” section. I upload using the “Mothur output” option.
2.-I attach a copy of my data: I send the hyperlink to the cloud server: microbiomeanalyst_troubleshoot
3.- Document all the steps
a.- entered the web page of microbiome analyst
b.- selected the Marker Data Profiling tool
c.- selected the Mothur outputs options
d.- uploaded the data in the corresponding options: shared filed was uploaded in the OTU table, Metadata file uploaded in the metadata option, taxonomy file uploaded in the taxonomy option, selected SILVA for taxonomy labels
e.- clicked on submit and waited. after around 1 minute waiting, I was redirected to the troubleshoot page

4.-No R packages used

The files I am sharing are the same files I have used before without problems in MicrobiomeAnalyst. Before, I was able to make graphs, do the analysis, the whole thing, and now I cannot even get pass the upload page.
I hope this is helpful and the problem is solved soon. Let me know if there is anything else you need. Cheers! :slight_smile:

Hello,The problem have been fixed. You can try again and let us know if there are more questions.

Thank you very much. On my end, all is working as before, without any troubles. thanks!