"Unknown Error Occurred" for KEGG Pathway Analysis

I am trying to conduct a KEGG Pathway Analysis for nine metabolite lists. I was able to conduct the chemical class enrichment for all nine lists. However, I was unable to conduct the analysis for two of these lists due to an “unknown error.”

List 1 (error occurs): https://github.com/yaaminiv/green-crab-metabolomics/blob/main/output/05-metabolomics-analysis/metaboanalyst/module6_metabolites.csv
List 2 (error occurs): https://github.com/yaaminiv/green-crab-metabolomics/blob/main/output/05-metabolomics-analysis/metaboanalyst/module8_metabolites.csv
List 3 (error does not occur): https://github.com/yaaminiv/green-crab-metabolomics/blob/main/output/05-metabolomics-analysis/metaboanalyst/module7_metabolites.csv

I copy/paste the list of metabolite names for the Over Representation Analysis and proceed after Name/ID Standardization. I select “KEGG” for a Pathway-based enrichment using metabolite sets with at least two entries and compounds in the selected library as the reference. When I click “Submit” for the “Parameter Setting” step, that is when I get the error.

Is there a different way I should be uploading these lists? I’ve tried using KEGG IDs instead of metabolite names and I still get the same error. I was able to perform a Main Compound Class enrichment test with these same lists on MetaboAnalyst and I did not get any errors.

It seems that you are not access “Pathway Analysis” module, but the “Enrichment Analysis” module which is mainly designed for human. In addition, the GlobalTest is designed for data table input, not for list. I don’t know how did you access that page if your input is a list.