Unable to upload metadata file(.txt)

I have made several attempts at uploading a metadata file but cannot determine why I keep getting a formatting error. It also shows “successful file upload” but the files are clearly not uploaded. Any help determining what is incorrect is appreciated.

Metadata.txt (1.4 KB)

The example metadata file shows the filename with .mzML file extensions, not .zip. Does it work if you change the extension type in the metadata file?

On my end the metadata file that I shared is showing as .zip. I have also tried uploading with .mzXML as the file extension. Neither seem to work which is odd considering I’ve used the same metadata file structure for two other spectral processing jobs in the past.

Hi, I did a quick scan on you metadata txt file and noticed there is a bunch of empty lines, which are confusing for MetaboAnalyst to do files matching. Please correct and try again.

Ok, I will remove that and try again. Thank you both!

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