Unable to run the dose response MetaboAnalyst 6.0

Hi there,

I am unable to run the dose response analysis tool on MetaboAnalyst 6.0.

I am stuck at the very first step: when I upload .csv file i get an “unknown error”. I have tried several changes in my csv to fit with the data input example. Nothing works. Does anyone have have any thoughts on this?

1Gy2Gy4Gy_common_description_MA.csv (181.8 KB)

Thanks for reporting this issue and shareing of the data. This is a valid issue. We have fixed it. MetaboAnalyst will be updated in a few housrs. BTW, the dose label in you data is incorrect. I updated them for you. Please have a look.
1Gy2Gy4Gy_common_description_MA_updated.csv (181.2 KB)