Unable to generate report after estimating missing values with KNN in statistical analysis


I have had an issue with not being able to generate the PDF report in the Statistical Analysis one-factor module for some time now (maybe a few months). After trying many combinations of datasets, statistical tools, and alternate data processing, I believe that I have narrowed down the issue to being something to do with estimating missing values using KNN. If I use KNN, either feature-wise or sample-wise, then I cannot get a PDF report to generate. If I use any of the other missing-value estimate options, then the PDF can be generated. I even tested this with a simple randomly generated dataset that has some missing-values included.

test.csv (560 Bytes)

Hopefully there is an easy fix for this. Thanks for looking into it!

Hi mwb, thanks for providing your debugging information with us. It is truly an internal bug. I have fixed it. MetaboAnalyst website is scheduled to be updated in 72h.

test.csv (21.3 KB)
I have also a similar issue, I am using 4 groups with 3 replicates, and when I do PCA or PLADSA I am unable to generate the report
Hopefully you can fix this bug