Troubleshooting - Correlation Heatmap not updating

Hello. I tried doing a correlation heatmap with MS peak intensity data. The aim is to see the Pearson correlation between samples without performing clustering. The default map shows feature correlation with clustering. However, when I change the settings for my aim (samples instead of features and with no clustering) the heatmap image does not update. The steps I took are as follows:

Statistical Analysis [one factor] module > Input my Data (MS peak intensities) with samples as rows in a .csv file > Data check passed (with no missing values) > No data filtering > No normallization > Correlation Heatmaps

I then tried the same approach with the “MS peak intensities” test data provided by the Metaboanalyst platform and got the same problem. How can I solve this problem? Has anyone experienced this lately?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the note. The issue should be fixed