Troubleshooting at the last step of functional analysis metaboanalyst

I upload this data to start functional analysis from a table (.txt), peak intensity table, negative mode, 10 ppm mass tolerance, retention time (yes minutes) samples in column
then i chose no filtration, no normalization, no data transformation and no data scaling

then i chose Mummichog version 2.0 with p value of 0.1 and Escherichia coli K-12 MG1655 [KEGG] pathway library with Only use pathways / metabolite sets containing at least 2 entries

then i get the troubleshooting screen
230103 new annotation negative for revision.txt (25.1 KB)

thanks in advance for the help

Hi Morais,
thanks for reporting the error. I did a quick check on your data. There are only 64 peaks included in your dataset. This is not common for functional analysis of untargeted metabolomcis dataset. It is noted that the functional analysis requires a complete peak table/list (which usually contains >1k peaks) rather than only significant peaks as the input.
Please read this paper for more details on the algorithms of functional analysis implemented here.
Hope this helps!