I need an advice concerning the functional prediction analysis (Tax4Fun (SILVA) in MicrobiomeAnalyst. The data processing works well but when I try to generate the functional profile 2 types of Error are displayed: 1. Possible causes of error (last one being the most relevant) and 2. No feature in your data has been detected in Tax4Fun prediction database!
What may cause this? This issue persists regardless of whether I processed the data using single-end or paired-end sequencing. What could be the potential reasons for these errors, and how can I address them?

There is very little we can do unless you follow our post guideline .

Thank you for your quick reply.
I attach the data used and the displayed errors when I try Predicting functional capabilities of microbial communities using Tax4Fun analysis using both Annotation Pipeleine SILVAngs and QIIME against SILVA database.
OTU.txt (537.7 KB)
Metadata.txt (348 Bytes).

Thank you!