Submitted 3 files for spectral analysis and Job status is 0%

I have submitted 3 files for spectral analysis and My job status is 0% its been 24 hours

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Hi Rushika, the server can only process a fixed number of jobs at one time and so there is a queue. You can try cancelling this job and resubmitting, or can process locally using the R package.

MetaboAnalyst is designed to process raw LC-MS spectra generated from a typical study, for instance, control vs disease with good number of replicates in each condition. Therefore, at least 6 spectral files are expected to use this module. In addition, we also highly recommend using pooled QC and BLANK samples to improve quality results. Please refer to our example spectra for more details

Hi, if your havenot fixed this issue, please share your JobID or a reproducible example data to zhiqiang.pang[at]