Spatial Metabolomics with MetaboAnalyst

Hi forum,

I wonder if it is possible to discuss how to use MetaboAnalyst with spatial metabolomics data.

The main difference for spatial analysis is that for each pixel in a sample, we have a list of metbolites with their intensities; instead of one list of metabolites for each sample.

I tried to do the statistical analysis on intensities data that have been normalized within each sample (that is, there is still batch effects across samples). SanityCheckData returns this (btw, I really like this function):

[1] “A total of 1913 groups found with 165574 samples.”
[1] “At least two groups and three replicates per group are required for analysis!”
[1] “It seems the number of groups is big. Make sure to specify the correct format (i.e. samples in columns or rows) in the Data Upload page”

I know 165574 samples are actually my samples (16) * #pixels.
But I am not too sure what is the 1913 groups…
I have 156 metabolites.
And I defintely do not have sample triplicates…

Any insight would be super helpful! I know spatial is quite new and there is not much info circling around…
Thank you so much!

Thank you for the proposal. This is certainly an interesting direction. We need an example data and analysis goal to start the process …