original fastq files (before compress) end with R1.fastq/R2.fastq. eg, C_1.R1.fastq.
Compress files in. zip format.
Metadata uploaded as a plain text (.txt) file containing two columns - files names and group.
But after uploading the file, a window appears asking if it is a single ended file, and clicking No will not continue running.
Uploading: 312ab31fb0fa5a8d52803b134f85f4a.png…
Uploading: a8b30d20233bbede00db1189e84abe2.png…
Uploading: cb35a85d7566bfdc51538f7a8c8150c.png…
Uploading: e3990d0dfc53d39db5c8c0835935308.png…

I’am facing the same problem. How can I solve it ?


If your data is paired-ended, please double check if you upload all the .fastq files. Usually, this dialogue shows when the tool detected odd numbers of the sequence files.
If you still have the problem, please share us the example data following post guidelines

Hope this helps!