Significant gene list download


I am trying to download the full gene lists after my differential analysis, and am having a problem because my lists are being cut off at 5000 genes on the excel sheet (there are around 9000 differentially expressed genes in my comparisons). It would be fine if I could download the DE genes in order of logFC and get the top results, but the downloaded table seems to contain DE genes in a random order.

Thank you for your help.

Please follow our post guideline and we will look into the problem.

On ExpressAnalyst, I use the expression profiling tool and then upload my bulk RNA-seq data (attached at the end of this message). I then run data filtering with default settings and TMM normalization. I use pairwise comparisons with EdgeR to perform differential expression analysis, which gives me my lists of DE genes. Everything up to this point works well, but when I try to download these lists, the ones that contain over 5000 genes seem to be cut off at the 5000 mark.

Here is my dataset:
top_counts_cleaned_without_outliers.csv (2.2 MB)

The issue should be fixed now. Please try again