Result about Lefse show unknown genus(?)

lefse_de_output_genus.csv (1.4 KB)
taxonomy-table_Microbiome.txt (17.8 KB)

Dear all

I uploaded attached taxonomy table, and I got the genus level LEfSe results as attached.
The results showed “V10” was significantly.
So I reference my taxonomy file, but I couldn’t find genus V10.
What meaning of V10 ?


Hello, Please follow our guidelines for further trouble shooting

Dear Yao


I used the Microbiomeanalyst, marker data profiling , and Lefse analysis.
I attached all of uploaded data below .
Metadata_for_question.csv (268 Bytes)
feature-table_Microbiomeanalyst.txt (8.1 KB)
taxonomy-table_Microbiome.txt (17.8 KB)

I set minimum count two, prevalence 10%, and other steps were default.
Low variance filter 10% and IQR.


I didn’t rarefy my data, and did total sum scaling.

Hello, I have checked your data. The names start with “V” is the ones without annotation (e.g g__ in your taxonomy table). You can take them as not assigned.
We have updated the processing step to give clear message and the website has been update. You can try again.
Hope this helps!

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