Quantitative Enrichment Analysis Problem

I have 2 groups, sick and healthy calves. I tried to do quantitative enrichment analysis with metabolite concentrations.

However, in my final output for the Network View, although the “?” icon indicates you can double click on a node to find the associated metabolites, this feature is not working. Furthermore, when I check the enrichment table at the bottom of the output, if I try to view details in order to look for box plots of sick vs healthy I see nothing…

If I use the example dataset with cachexia and normal samples, I still get no metabolite sets if I try and double click the nodes from the network view. But I will get box plots of cachexia vs normal samples when I view the details option from the metabolite set data.

This is the R output from trying to run the calf metabolite data

1. mSet<-InitDataObjects(conc, msetqea, FALSE)
2. mSet<-Read.TextData(mSet, drenaud_msteele_calflong_metametab.csv, rowu, disc);
3. mSet<-SanityCheckData(mSet)
4. mSet<-ReplaceMin(mSet);
5. mSet<-CrossReferencing(mSet, name);
6. mSet<-CreateMappingResultTable(mSet)
7. mSet<-PreparePrenormData(mSet)
8. mSet<-Normalization(mSet, MedianNorm, LogNorm, ParetoNorm, ratio=FALSE, ratioNum=20)
9. mSet<-PlotNormSummary(mSet, norm_0_, png, 72, width=NA)
10. mSet<-PlotSampleNormSummary(mSet, snorm_0_, png, 72, width=NA)
11. mSet<-SetMetabolomeFilter(mSet, F);
12. mSet<-SetCurrentMsetLib(mSet, fecal, 2);
13. mSet<-CalculateGlobalTestScore(mSet)
14. mSet<-.prepare.globaltest.score(mSet)
15. dat.in ← qs::qread(dat.in.qs);dat.in$my.res ← dat.in$my.fun();qs::qsave(dat.in, file=dat.in.qs);
16. mSet<-.save.globaltest.score(mSet)
17. mSet<-PlotQEA.Overview(mSet, qea_0_, net, png, 72, width=NA)
18. mSet<-PlotEnrichDotPlot(mSet, qea, qea_dot_0_, png, 72, width=NA)

Dear Jmacnico,

The issue has been solved, thanks for letting us know!