Q:Normalization unknown error in Functional Meta-analysis module using example data?

Hello there,
I am trying to use Functional Meta-analysis module in MetaboAnalyst website. I see unknown errors after “Try examples”. Normalization step shows continuous error whether I upload my own data or use examples (submit “Try examples” without any operation). After that the example data seems OK (can click proceed) but has no significant hits.
I tried different network and browser, but the problems persist. If anyone used the module recently and meets the same problem? Can anyone help me out with this problem?

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I am also having this exact same problem. I initially got “unkown error” when trying to normalize my own data, then saw the same error shown in your screenshot when I tried to use the example data

Thanks for the note. The issue with “Try Examples” should be fixed now.

Hi! No, the problem persists on my end with the pos/neg example data. I can’t attach a screenshot to the comments but the error message pictured on the main post appears. I can click proceed though. However, If I try to normalize the data the the include box becomes unselected, the normalization fails and I can’t proceed.