Processing of my data is not working

Processing of my data is not working after upload to Abundance table or Feature List. The page just refreshes. This issue is happening periodically during last few days. Cleaning cache does not help.

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Thanks! I just tried to upload your example files
cd_sample.csv (1.4 KB)
cd_peak.csv (2.5 MB)
cd_genera.csv (3.2 MB)
instead of trying your example (
And it gives me an error.

I am using Microbiome Metabolomics
Uploading files

  1. Metadata
  2. Microbiome data - Taxonomy included (SILVA taxonomy)
  3. Untargeted Metabolomics data
    Metadata.txt (217 Bytes)
    Microbiome data - taxonomy included.txt (141.2 KB)
    Untargeted metabolomics_positive_RT included.txt (378.4 KB)

Receive error

Will appreciate your help to solve this matter

Hello, I have checked your data. The problem was caused by the unmatched sample names in metadata and abundance tables. Please double check your data and make sure the samples are consistent in all the files. We will also enhance our error message.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have more questions.

Thanks, now it’s working