"Processing Faild, unable to finish the job!"


Experienced repeated issues, not clear why, when trying to analyze a set of data (which was previously properly analyzed). Details can be seen through link below.

The analysis seems to be almost finished, but returns the error message “Processing Faild, unable to finish the job!”. Searched through the website, did not find explanations.

The end of the analysis panel displays:

  *Detecting 22-07 QC 6 (-).mzXML ... 134 peaks found!*
  *Detecting 22-07 QC 7 (-).mzXML ... 78 peaks found!*
  *Warning: Found NA peaks in selected sample.*
  *Calculating peak correlations in 930 Groups...*
  *Calculating graph cross linking in 930 Groups...*
  *New number of ps-groups: 12013*
  *mSet has now 12013 groups, instead of 930 !*

So it seems an “mSet” parameter (?) has conflicting values… This has been experienced repeatedly, with different sets of data…

If anyone has a clue, this would be highly appreciated




Hi, please share your JobID or an reproducible example with us for furhter checking.

Hi Qiang,

Many thanks for the reply!

Please find below a list of data sets that failed during process

MetaboAnalyst → last message: “mSet has now 6898 groups, instead of 754 !” ; similar issue with job 15506, 15508 and 15510
MetaboAnalyst → did not start?

Actually all attempts I recently made failed :no_mouth: while it previously worked perfectly…

Many thanks for your help!


Here is a recent example of the same issue, which unfortunately keeps occuring…