Problems with tax4fun

I’ve been trying to run Microbiome Analyst tax4fun analysis using multiple data sets, but have not been able to generate the file with KO terms. Our data were processed using QIIME2 and mapped to the Silva database. We have uploaded ASV files that are in the same type format at the example dataset “Mammalian Gut.” Interestingly, when I run that sample dataset, tax4fun works fine.

My student did mention that the Silva database was updated. Is it possible that your code for the tax4fun module in microbiome analyst doesn’t work with the updated version? What else could be wrong?

Files are attached
ADB ASV counts.txt (1.7 MB)
ADB metadata.txt (20.5 KB)

Also, here is the R code from the analysis. When we try tax4fun, we just don’t get any result.
mbSet<-SetModuleType(mbSet, “mdp”)
mbSet<-ReadSampleTable(mbSet, “ADB metadata.txt”);
mbSet<-Read16SAbundData(mbSet, “ADB ASV counts.txt”,“text”,“SILVA”,“T”);
mbSet<-SanityCheckData(mbSet, “text”);
mbSet<-PlotLibSizeView(mbSet, “norm_libsizes_0”,“png”);
mbSet<-CreatePhyloseqObj(mbSet, “text”,“SILVA”,“T”)
mbSet<-ApplyAbundanceFilter(mbSet, “prevalence”, 4, 0.2);
mbSet<-ApplyVarianceFilter(mbSet, “iqr”, 0.1);
mbSet<-PerformNormalization(mbSet, “rarewi”, “colsum”, “none”);
mbSet<-Perform16FunAnot(mbSet, “SILVA”,“qi_silva”);

Hello, thanks for posing this question. The problem was mainly caused by the “_” in your taxonomy labels which might be generated from the QIIME2 annotation pipeline. We have updated our tool to solve this issue. You can try again. Please let me know if you have more questions.