Problem with raw data (fastq) processing

I uploaded the fastq files, which were duly recognized as paired ended. I followed as the platform guides, but for some reason, the analysis fails at 15%, in the de-replication step.

As the only information I receive is that the analysis failed, I would like to know what could be happening, or if, please, could I send my data so that you can try to see what happens? I am totally inexperienced with bioinformatics and sequencing.

Im uploading some screenshots, and I would like to know if I can send my raw files for your team

Hello, you can share your files (or an example set) following our post guideline for further trouble shooting.

Hello, Yao! Thank you for your reply.

I cant upload the zipped fastq files, as they are not authorized by the system. Is there any e-mail that your team can provide to do it?

Hello, you can share with me through

Hello, was this problem solved? I am having the same issue with analysis failure during the data dereplication step.