Problem with metadata and data

Data of Maryam.csv (226.2 KB)
metadata maryam 2.csv (530 Bytes)

Hi there,

I have used Mataboanalyst to create heatmaps severals time. Recently, I want to re-run my data, which was working on the website before, but it didn’t work. I try many steps as cleaning on the troubleshooting website. Everytime I run it it shows this website (attached pic). I also downloaded the test data from the website to compare with my data as well, my data is arranged similarly. I think there is something happening with the websites these days, some of my colleagues also have this problem.

Also when I use this data (data trials and metadata trial 1) it worked but the heatmap show V32 and V33 which do not exist in my raw data.

Can someone check the website, please !

Please follow our post guideline and clearly describe what happened, rather than saying “it was working before …”. Before you suggest the tool is broken, have you read our Data Formats instructions? Have you tried our example data to see if the issue still occurs?

For your data, I can see there are clear issues (highlighted as duplicates … they spread through your data) - you must make sure feature names are unique which is a basic requirement in most data analysis task

So sorry for my words. If I say anything inappropriate to you, I really apologize for this.

These are the files that used to work before, now I submit it again it doesn’t work. In the file, the sample and feature are clearly unique.

Can you please check when you have time?
Data file G1-2.csv (11.4 KB)
Metadata G1-2.csv (330 Bytes)

Hello, this web page crash issue has been fixed. MetaboAnalyst will be updated in 12h.

Hello, I also did some checkings on your 2nd dataset (Data file G1-2/Metadata G1-2). I noticed that the Data file G1-2 is not formatted well. A bunch of zero values are randomly located at the 50th row, as shown in the image below. Please fix this and try again.

Hi Qiang,

Thanks for checking my data. I finally can run it.

Happy weekend.